Boosting Physical Education in Minnesota Schools

The Senate Education Committee heard a bill this week that would hold schools more accountable for their students’ physical education. The legislation would require yearly assessments of students’ physical health starting with the 2017 school year. Students starting ninth grade in 2017 and later would also need two physical education credits to graduate. Currently, Minnesota […] Read more

Dayton Signs Flood Relief Bill

Gov. Dayton signed legislation to provide $17.3 million in flood and disaster relief for Minnesotans this week. Last summer, 37 counties and 3 tribal governments were covered under a major disaster declaration by the Federal government following severe flooding. Three counties were not included in the declaration, but did qualify for help from a new […] Read more

Technology Bridges the Gap Between Classroom and Home

The Senate Education Policy Committee heard S.F. 145 this week, a bill directing the Department of Education to research the strengths of using technology in the classroom and how schools could implement those programs most effectively. The bill focuses specifically on 1:1 programs, those which put devices directly in the hands of students to maximize […] Read more

Senate Looks to Lower Veteran Unemployment

Sen. Chuck Wiger introduced a bill to provide an income tax credit to businesses who hire qualified veterans. The credit, like similar federal programs past and present, is aimed at lowering the veterans’ unemployment rate, which has consistently outpaced state and national averages for years. Under the proposed legislation, employers could claim one of three […] Read more

Tax Reform Division Examines Social Security Taxes

The Tax Reform Division considered four bills this week that would allow Social Security income included in federal taxable income to be subtracted for Minnesota tax purposes. Called the “Retire in Minnesota Act,” authors claim the bills will save senior citizens an average of $600 a year and discourage them from moving to other states. […] Read more