Sen. Chris Eaton votes against preemption measure

Saint Paul, Minn – Senator Chris Eaton voted against a preemption measure today that would prohibit the enactment of labor compensation/benefits at the local level. As written, the bill has three core components that prohibit local governments from: establishing a minimum wage, requiring businesses to provide sick and safe time, establishing rules relative to benefits, terms of employment, or working conditions.

“I strongly oppose the preemption legislation that passed off the floor today,” Sen. Eaton said. “Not only does it take away local control from our communities, it strikes down worker protections and benefits for 150,000 hardworking Minnesotans.”

The bill is part of a national sequence of events put forth by the Chamber of Commerce and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) to attack workers and the independence of our locally elected officials. “I am a strong advocate of local control. The state legislature’s job is to set minimum standards, not maximum standards,” Sen. Eaton said. “The preemption bill that passed today restricts the authority of local governments to implement what is best for their communities.”

Senator Chris Eaton
Chris Eaton represents District 40, which includes the cities of Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park in Hennepin County in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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