State employee contracts

There is some great news for our hard-working state employees. After months of waiting, the Legislature finally passed a bill ratifying state worker contracts, which will give more than 35,000 state employees their long-awaited moderate and fair pay raise. These state contracts have undergone an extensive negotiating process, are fair to employees and are a […] Read more


The legislature has known for some time that it has to fix our state pensions problem. The amount of money going into pension accounts for state workers eventually wouldn’t be enough to pay benefits out. There are a number of reasons for this. People are living longer, and the assumed rate of investment return has […] Read more

Suicide prevention training for Minnesota teachers

A bill was heard this week to provide $273,000 in funding to a suicide prevention program called Kognito. Kognito is an online program that could fulfill the requirement for Minnesota teachers to have one-hour of suicide prevention training every year. This program would cost school districts roughly $44 a year, which suicide prevention groups say […] Read more