More MNLARS business in committee

The Senate Transportation Committee grappled this week with how the state should pay for costs related to the Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS), the software that manages Minnesotans’ vehicle registrations, titles, and driver’s licenses. Since the rollout of MNLARS in July, the system has been plagued with errors that have caused vehicle registration and titling headaches for Minnesotans, and caused losses for the business owners who operate deputy registrar offices throughout the state.

Governor Dayton has proposed a $2 fee on most driver and vehicle services transactions that will provide ongoing funding to permanently fix, maintain, and update MNLARS. He has also proposed $10 million go to deputy registrars to reimburse them for costs incurred since July 2017 due to difficulties they have encountered with MNLARS, including overtime costs and lost business. The Governor also proposed $10.76 million to fund the beleaguered public information call center, which provides assistance to Minnesotans having difficulty with driver and vehicle services transactions. (SF 3967)