Allow Department of Health to collect gun violence information

An amendment was to the supplemental budget that would allow the Minnesota Department of Health to collect data on firearm ownership for the purpose of public health research or epidemiologic investigation.  The data would be protected and released only as de-identified data.  Supporters argue that many public health concerns like smoking and automobile accidents have […] Read more

Amendments to protect employee rights

The supplemental budget includes several contentious anti-union provisions that allow the legislature to put conditions on and reject portions of collective bargaining agreements. An amendment was offered to prevent the legislature from rejecting health insurance provisions within collective bargaining agreements. Politicians have never been able to interject themselves into negotiations in the past and could […] Read more

Academic Balance

An amendment to put the brakes on a Republican-led effort to limit the right to free speech in Minnesota classrooms was offered to the supplemental bill this week. The legislation is a result of a legal dispute in Edina Public Schools that generated significant media coverage. Education Minnesota, the Minnesota School Boards Association, and the […] Read more

Net neutrality and internet privacy

Two amendments were offered to the supplemental finance bill heard this week in the Senate. The first amendment was the internet privacy bill that passed almost unanimously in the Senate last year. The bill works to protect Minnesota consumers and their privacy by requiring internet service providers to receive express written approval from consumers in […] Read more

Protect Access to Contraception (PAC) Act

An amendment to protect no-cost birth control coverage in Minnesota was offered to the supplemental budget bill. The legislation was in direct response to federal legislation attempting to eliminating guaranteed birth control coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This important amendment would protect no-cost birth control coverage in Minnesota and guarantee the basic right […] Read more