Senate bonding bill released

The Senate bonding bill was released this week to the public. The proposal spends $825 million in general fund supported debt. This amount is nearly identical to the House proposal, but is significantly less than Governor Dayton’s proposal, which allocates $1.456 billion. The Senate committee will meet at the end of the week to start […] Read more

It’s time to hang up and drive

Senate DFLers attempted this week to amend the ban on handheld cell phone use for drivers into a non-controversial traffic safety bill in the Senate. The amendment would have prohibited the use of cellphones while driving except if the driver was using a voice activated or hands-free device. According to the Office of Traffic Safety, […] Read more

Minnesota celebrates Statehood Day

The State of Minnesota celebrated Statehood Day at the Capitol this week. This week marked the 160th anniversary of Minnesota becoming a state, after President James Buchanan approved its statehood in 1858. The Minnesota Capitol Electrolier (a chandelier in which the lights are electrical) was lit as part of the celebration, creating an impressive spectacle […] Read more