Transportation bills that passed Transportation supplemental finance article Republicans’ supplemental budget falls short of addressing Minnesotans’ transportation needs and uses risky funding shifts that endanger the fiscal stability of the very offices that produce vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. The budget spends $30 million from the Trunk Highway Fund. It also spends money from the […] Read more

Jobs and Economic Development

While Republicans talked about creating jobs and investing in economic development, the largest investment relative in this budget area was $15 million for broadband. Even in the face of a workforce shortage and a budget surplus, the Republicans did not make any new investments in workforce development. Additionally, the Legislature did not enact important provisions […] Read more

Higher Education

Higher education bills that passed Supplemental Budget Bill short-changes higher education, U of M Republicans’ supplemental budget shortchanges tens of thousands of Minnesotans who attend our state’s colleges and universities at a time when student debt is spiraling out of control. It appropriates just $3 million in new funding, with $0 for the University of […] Read more

Health and Human Resources

HHS Supplemental Budget The health and human services supplemental budget approved by the Senate includes $17.2 million in net appropriations for FY2019 after pulling back $18.6 million from the Department of Human Services for FY2018. Many of the provisions in the bill enjoyed bipartisan support; however, many important priorities were not funded and problematic policy […] Read more

Environment and Natural Resources

There was a zero supplemental budget appropriation to the Environment and Natural Resources article. The Governor will likely veto the entire supplemental budget bill. The major environment and natural resources provisions include: Buffer Strips: Amends the purposes of the agriculture best management practices (AgBMP) loan program to include low or no-cost financing to local units […] Read more


Energy bills that passed Supplemental Energy Bill There was a zero-supplemental budget appropriation to the Supplemental Energy article. The Governor will likely veto the entire supplemental budget bill. The major energy provisions include: Energy Storage, which authorizes investor-owned utilities to petition the Public Utilities Commission to recover costs of implementing an energy storage system pilot […] Read more