Senator Lourey Announces Multi-Million Investment in Clean Water for Cloquet

When the state is able to partner with smaller cities and towns to finance major construction projects, it prevents dramatic property tax hikes that would otherwise fall on local small businesses and families. This is a big deal for Cloquet and it will make a positive difference in people’s lives for decades to come.

Senator Bigham: New School Year is New Opportunity to Talk Student Safety

I favor moving in a direction where state lawmakers better equip schools to identify and address warning signs of danger in the student population. To that end, I am working to establish a new state law that requires every school district to create a “threat assessment team” to prevent a crisis from turning into a tragic loss of life.

Senator Isaacson: Conversation on School Safety Isn’t Done

Next year’s budget-setting session is an opportunity to go big and take a closer look at how to steer more resources toward mental health support and school counselors who are professionally trained to recognize and address crises before they become tragedies.