Franzen Portrait

Senator Franzen Joins the Class of 2018 Aspen-Rodel Fellowship Program

Fellows are selected on an annual basis and identified by the program’s leadership as America’s emerging political leaders with reputations for intellect, thoughtfulness, and a commitment to civil dialogue. The program provides an opportunity for fellows to analyze and discuss historical texts and contemporary commentaries on topics such as democracy and leadership.


Senator Simonson: Energy Efficiency Must Be Part of Carbon-Emissions Equation

The 8th Congressional District is home to more than 5,000 clean-energy jobs, out of nearly 60,000 across the state. Approximately four out of every five of these jobs are related to energy efficiency, which could include construction, heating and air conditioning work, and the installation of better lighting.

19Frentz 2017

Senator Frentz Announces Mankato Redevelopment Grant

Everybody who is proud of our local economy should see that this is great news for Mankato. Not only will this redevelopment project provide more housing and commercial space, the project is expected to create a number of new jobs, retain several existing jobs, and increase our tax base by $26,500.