Legislators take a look at raising the age to purchase tobacco

Bipartisan legislation to raise the age to purchase tobacco products was heard in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee this week. The legislation would make 21 the legal age to purchase tobacco products in every corner of the state. It is widely known that nicotine harms the developing adolescent brain and causes significant health […] Read more

Legislation addressing health care interpreter standards heard in committee

The Health and Human Services Committee heard legislation this week to establish a registry for spoken language health care interpreters. The legislation creates a new system for maintaining a list of qualified professionals to improve health care outcomes and safety for patients with limited English proficiency. Advocates of the bill believe legislation is necessary to […] Read more

Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act heard in committee

The Committee on Human Services Reform heard legislation this week to combat the arbitrary removal of black children from their homes by child protection agencies. African American youth in Minnesota are removed from their homes at alarmingly higher rates and are often moved from child protection into the juvenile justice system. This legislation seeks to […] Read more

Reinsurance program continues to move through committee process

Minnesota passed a program in 2017 that aimed to lower the cost of health care premiums for plans offered on the individual health insurance market. The bill allocated $542 million to insurance companies to help mitigate the risk of high-cost claims. It was a two-year program that expires this year. The legislature now must decide […] Read more