Introducing the United Black Legislative Caucus

In honor of Black History Month, members of the Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives announced the first ever United Black Legislative Caucus at a press conference this week. The goal of the caucus is to elevate and advocate for issues relating to Minnesota’s black communities.

The U.S. Census estimates the percentage of black Minnesotans in 2018 to be 6.4%, yet the United Black Legislative Caucus still makes up less than 3% of the state legislature. The Caucus hopes to address Minnesota’s unemployment, income, incarceration, and homeownership gaps between black and white residents, which are among the worst in the nation.

The newly formed caucus creates an opportunity for legislators to intentionally engage other policymakers and community and business leaders around issues and resolutions that will improve the lives of black Minnesotans, and Minnesotans as a whole, through strategic partnerships.