Bill to prohibit ivory and rhinoceros horn trade moves ahead

The Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Committee heard and approved a bill this week that clamps down on the ivory and rhino horn trade by prohibiting the sale of these products in Minnesota. This bill aligns Minnesota law with federal interstate commerce regulations by placing a prohibition on intrastate commerce. It does not […] Read more

Venison donation processing reimbursement increase

A bill was heard in committee that moves the $70 cap on the amount of money a meat processor can receive from the Commissioner of Agriculture for processing donated deer to an amount that is reasonable and documented within the limits of available funding. For a meat processor to qualify for reimbursement, they must be […] Read more

Shared parenting time is back in the Senate

Controversial legislation changing how the courts deal with parenting time during dissolution proceedings was heard in the Family Care and Aging Committee this week. The bill changes the amount of parenting time each parent is presumed to have from 25% to 50% or as close to 50% as possible. The bill also requires judges to […] Read more

Broadband bills heard in first committee

Two bills were heard in the Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Finance Committee that would fund the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant Program. One of the bills would provide funding for the program in 2020 ($35 million), and the other bill would provide funding ($70 million) in both years of the biennium. The Office of Broadband […] Read more

Workforce housing investment bill heard

There is a severe shortage of affordable workforce housing in many areas of the state. A proposal to help ease the shortfall would capture the growth in the mortgage registry and deed-imposed taxes from September 2019 through 2029, and it would place the revenue in the Workforce and Affordable Homeownership Development account. The money raised […] Read more

Bill would help provide mental health services at college campuses

A bill heard in the Higher Education Committee this week would provide funding for MinnState officials to contract with independent mental health organizations for providing mental health services on up to five state college campuses. The bill also requires the mental health providers to give information and guidance to students seeking health insurance. The statistics […] Read more