Deputy registrar reimbursement funds pass

A bill passed through the Transportation Committee this week to appropriate $10 million for this fiscal year and $4.6 million in the next fiscal year for grants to reimburse private deputy registrars for costs incurred due to lost business from the unsuccessful rollout of Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS). An amendment was added to specify the funds will come from the general fund and not the driver services operating account in the special revenue fund.

Deputy registrars, both public and private, have testified on the loss of business and revenue from the unsuccessful rollout of the MNLARS vehicle services software in 2017 and subsequent glitches in the system. A total of $10 million was requested by private deputy registrars as the amount of lost revenue from 2017 to now. Deputy registrars are requesting additional processing fees to mitigate longer transaction times and training costs, which would apply to tabs, driver’s license applications, and title transfers. (SF 621)