Two-line fishing bill considered by Environment Committee

A bill heard this week by the Environment Policy and Legacy Finance Committee would allow anglers to catch fish using two lines during the open-water season, provided a second-line endorsement is purchased for $5. Proceeds from the $5 second-line endorsement would be spent on walleye stocking.

The bill exempts two-line authorization from specially regulated waters, such as trout streams and lakes, and allows anglers to take no more than four walleye per day from inland waters.

Minnesota allows one line per fishing license, with the exception of two lines allowed for ice fishing and on the Mississippi River and Lake Superior. Advocates of two-line fishing see a benefit to having more than one line: better odds of catching fish, catching a big fish, and catching a variety of fish. Minnesota is an outlier among neighboring states: Wisconsin allows three lines, North and South Dakota allow two lines, and Iowa allows two lines with the option to buy a third.

The bill was held over for possible inclusion in the committee’s omnibus bill, which will be taken up later in the legislative session. (SF 226)