Last session, the Judiciary Committee focused its efforts on increasing penalties and changing laws pertaining to criminal sexual conduct. While the committee took notice of Governor Dayton’s supplemental budget priorities, none were fully funded, and some were ignored entirely. Some controversial policy provisions ended up included in the final conference report of the Judiciary and […] Read more

Agriculture and Housing

As a result of the omnibus budget bill not being signed into law, money appropriated to the MN Farm Advocate program was not approved. Additionally, money for mental health counseling support was not approved. While there were some legislative disappointments for agriculture, money was approved for the Rural Finance Authority.

Capital Investment

Capital investment projects must serve a public purpose and be publicly owned. The money is used by the state, counties, and local units of government to build, enhance, and preserve infrastructure. Projects can range from the replacement of a bridge to the preservation of the state Capitol or constructing a new building for the University […] Read more