Omnibus Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Bill The University of Minnesota Extension Office reported that, “After adjusting for inflation, Minnesota farms earned lowest median income in the past 23 years.” The market has deteriorated over several years, but low prices and trade issues have compounded in already difficult markets across agricultural sectors. Additionally, where there […] Read more

Snow Days bill signed, school districts get weather reprieve

Minnesota school districts were handed an excused absence slip this week when Governor Walz signed the snow days bill that will remove penalties for school days lost due to Minnesota’s cold, snowy winter. The bill signing took place in the Governor’s reception room with Commissioner Mary Catherine Rickert and other legislators. Missed school days became […] Read more

Initiatives to fight Chronic Wasting Disease receive committee hearing

The Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee devoted a hearing this week to proposals that address the threat posed by Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) to Minnesota’s white-tail deer population. The disease is a highly contagious, neurodegenerative disease that was discovered in the late 1960s, and has now been found in 25 states and three Canadian […] Read more

High school fishing grants will reel in new anglers

The Senate Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee heard legislation this week that would appropriate $200,000 to the commissioner of natural resources to provide grants to high school fishing leagues. This bill would direct the commissioner to develop basic angling curriculum and establish a grant program focused on the development and expansion of high school […] Read more

Senate continues efforts to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable

The Senate passed bipartisan legislation off the floor this week to combat the opioid epidemic in a decisive 59-6 vote. The legislation raises annual registration fees on pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesale distributors, charging up to $250,000 to manufacturers responsible for selling the highest quantities of opiates in Minnesota. The goal of this effort is to […] Read more

Senate passes prescription drug transparency, fails to act on emergency insulin

Bipartisan legislation to license key players in the pharmaceutical industry, called pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), unanimously passed the Senate floor this week in a 67-0 vote. The legislation makes a strong statement that Minnesotans deserve more transparency at a time when the pharmaceutical industry keeps pointing their fingers at each other while prescription drugs prices […] Read more