Advanced Placement and IB STEM Grants

This bill would encourage high school students from low-income families and students who are at a disadvantage to be able to take Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses that are related to STEM programs. This will be done through increased funding for AP and IB STEM courses and expanded grant use. Advocates for the bill […] Read more

REAL ID update

REAL ID failed to pass the Senate floor this week. The Senate DFL attempted to pass a clean bill without unnecessary immigration language, but the amendment failed on a party line vote. The GOP then brought their bill to a vote, after refusing to compromise, and it ended up failing with Democrats and Republicans voting […] Read more

Overview: Celebrating women in a busy week of legislative deadlines

The first full week of March saw a flurry of legislative activity as the first deadline is this Friday, March 10. This is the first of three major deadlines that help align which bills will move forward to one day becoming law. The week began with a thunderclap — REAL ID legislation came to the […] Read more

Governor’s progressive HHS budget proposal reviewed

This week the Senate Health and Human Services Finance Committee reviewed Governor Dayton’s budget recommendations relating to health and human services issues. The bill was laid over for further consideration when assembling the Senate’s HHS Budget Bill. Highlights of the Governor’s proposals include: MinnesotaCare Public Option: $12.9 million in one-time start-up funding Currently, MinnesotaCare is […] Read more

Bottoms up — Sunday liquor sales signed into law

Liquor stores, if they choose to do so, will be open for the first time in history on Sunday, July 2 after Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill into law ending the ban. The new law allows liquor stores to be open on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, cities have the option […] Read more

Tobacco tax cuts could be on horizon

Tax Committee members considered a number of bills related to tobacco taxes on Wednesday. The bipartisan 2013 tax bill included a variety of tax adjustments on tobacco products including cigarettes, snuff, and cigars. Bills considered this week would lower some of those taxes. The 2013 bill raised the excise tax rate on cigarettes to $2.83 […] Read more