Jobs, Commerce, and Energy conference committee update

The Jobs, Commerce, and Energy conference committee met several times this week. The committee spent a substantial amount of time reviewing provisions that were only in included in either the House or Senate proposal and adopting noncontroversial policy language. The conference committee has not acted on any budget items. Legislative leaders and Governor Walz must […] Read more

Judiciary conference committee gets stuck at the starting gate

The Judiciary and Public Safety conference committee has met three times in the past week to walk through the spreadsheets of the Senate and House proposals and to hear more about the House policy proposals. Despite an agreed upon May 6 deadline, global targets for the conference committees have not been released, which is preventing […] Read more

DWI omnibus bill passed off Senate floor

The Senate passed a noncontroversial DWI omnibus bill off the floor this week. The bill contains a number of changes to the state’s DWI laws, all of which aim to strike a balance in public safety, DWI prevention, and rehabilitation. The bill passed on a unanimous vote and is awaiting further action from the House. […] Read more

Senate moves to help those facing wage garnishment

The Senate passed a bill this week that allows those facing wage garnishment to protect more of their paychecks while still meeting debt obligations. Wage garnishment is a part of the circle of debt – money is taken out of paychecks to pay off a debt, but that means the person responsible for the debt […] Read more

State Government Conference Committee takes testimony

The State Government Finance Committee has met three times this week but has failed to come to agreement on how to fund the many government agencies, boards, and commissions that keep the state running and provide critical services to Minnesotans. Over 50 stakeholders testified at the conference committee on Tuesday, a majority of whom had […] Read more

Tax conference committee begins work

The conference committee working out the differences between the House, Senate, and Governor’s tax proposals met four times this week. However, without a budget target – a universally agreed to amount of money the tax budget will raise and spend in the next budget cycle – there is little substantive work to accomplish. The meetings […] Read more