Hometown Heroes Assistance Program

Minnesota’s firefighters would receive vital supplemental state health assistance thanks to the Hometown Heroes Assistance Program being proposed in the Legislature this year. This bipartisan legislation addresses the alarmingly high incidence of cancer, cardiac issues, and emotional trauma facing the state’s 22,000 firefighters. In addition to the immediate risk that firefighting poses, many of these […] Read more

Veterans hold their Legislature accountable

Minnesota veterans from all branches of the military, including members of the Minnesota Association of Country Veterans Service Officers (MACVSO) and the United Veterans Legislature Council of MN (UVLC), met at the Capitol this week in a rally supporting veterans’ legislation. They were joined by the governor and several legislators to voice support of bills […] Read more

Hands-free in the House, Senate to follow suit

A bill passed by the House this week addresses distracted driving in the state. According to the Department of Public Safety, distracted driving was a contributing factor in one in five crashes between the years of 2013-2017. During this timeframe, there have been an average of 59 deaths and 223 serious injuries each year in […] Read more

Rally to “unset the sunset” on the provider tax held at the capitol

The “This is Medicaid” coalition held a rally this week calling upon legislators to repeal the sunset of Minnesota’s healthcare provider tax. The governor and several legislators spoke in favor of extending the tax, which is set to expire at the end of the year. The provider tax is the largest source of funding for […] Read more

Divided Government is not working in Minnesota

At the close of another week of session, despite promises of working together and getting things done, Senate Republicans continue to obstruct, block, stall, and delay important legislation to move Minnesota forward. Reducing the price of insulin is one of the issues waiting to be addressed. Both Republican and DFL legislators have been denied hearings […] Read more

Family mediation task force established

A bill was heard this week that would create a family law mediation task force to advise and inform the Legislature on the impact of conflict on children during the marital dissolution process and includes recommendations on how to implement conflict resolution procedures. The taskforce would consist of 13 members appointed by the four legislative […] Read more