Senator Isaacson: Conversation on School Safety Isn’t Done

Next year’s budget-setting session is an opportunity to go big and take a closer look at how to steer more resources toward mental health support and school counselors who are professionally trained to recognize and address crises before they become tragedies.


Sen. Isaacson statement on 2017 Education Bill

With a $1.65 billion surplus, DFL legislators worked to invest in Minnesota’s values and what has made Minnesota’s economy strong in order to build a better future for everyone. Minnesotans expect the legislature to get their work done and done on time.


DFL Listening Tour: Willmar, Part 2

We just wrapped up our DFL listening session in Willmar, which produced some really great conversations. It is clear that we all have a lot more in common with people across this state than we think sometimes. We’re finding that the negative often rises to the top in news stories, but when you come here and you sit down and listen, you’re pleasantly surprised.