Senator Carlson Statement on HAVA Funding

After five months of legislative obstruction by the Senate, Saturday’s passage of the State Government Omnibus Budget bill included $6.6 million in Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funding to strengthen Minnesota’s election security.

‘Hands-Free’ Cell Phone Legislation Passes in the Minnesota Senate

Today, Minnesota is one step closer to safer roads thanks to the passage of HF 50. Modeled after laws present in 16 states and Washington D.C. the ‘hands-free’ cell phone bill is the culmination of years of work and advocacy on this public safety issue. State Senator Jim Carlson (DFL-Eagan) has been a vocal proponent of ‘hands-free’ legislation throughout his legislative career.

Senator Jim Carlson Responds to Governor’s Budget Proposal

This proposal takes the right steps on investing in our state’s infrastructure and transit needs and prioritizes what all Minnesotans told us they value in making sure our students get a good education and that people have access to affordable health care options.