Senator Karla Bigham

Karla Bigham represents District 54 in the southeast Twin Cities metro, including parts of Dakota and Washington counties. Learn more about Sen. Bigham. Read more news from Sen. Bigham.

Picture of Senator Karla Bigham

Senator Bigham Supports Renewable Development Account Funding

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – The Minnesota Senate passed legislation providing $25.8 million in funding for the state’s Renewable Development Account (RDA). The RDA provides funding to develop renewable energy projects throughout the state.

“The Renewable Development Account is essential to helping build out the capacity for renewable energy throughout Minnesota,” said Senator Karla Bigham (DFL-Cottage Grove). “I’m proud to see bipartisan support for making renewable energy a priority and for helping those communities that are losing power plants as they come offline.”

The projects included in the 2021 fiscal year from the Renewable Development Account are:
• $16 million to the Prairie Island Indian Community for its project to become a “net zero energy
community,” with funding of the project through fiscal year 2023 at $46.2 million.
• $10 million to the solar incentive program administered by Xcel Energy (Solar Rewards), with an extension of funding to 2022.
• $2.8 million for a new turbine to expand Granite Falls’ hydroelectric generating facility.
• $2 million in grants to help communities that lose an electric generating facility through a new Host Community Grant Program. Grants must be spent in communities in Xcel Energy’s electric service area, or in communities that host an Xcel electric generating plant.

Picture of Senator Karla Bigham

Senator Bigham Votes for Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act

The Minnesota Senate passed the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act on Tuesday, establishing a program that will provide emergency insulin access for thousands of diabetic Minnesotans, in addition to additional legislation for COVID response efforts. Senator Karla Bigham issued the following statement.