Autocycle regulations establishment

A popular form of recreational vehicle will now be defined in statute, thanks to new legislation. This bill defines autocycles in statute, adds autocycles to statutes regulating motorcycles, and specifies that a person may drive autocycles with a Minnesota driver’s license without a two-wheel endorsement.

An individual must wear a seatbelt if the vehicle is equipped with one. The bill also specifies that individuals may only drive two of these vehicles astride if they are safely within one lane. Lastly, the bill states that unlike a motorcycle rider who is under 18, you do not have to wear a helmet or eye protection as long as there is an enclosed cab (anyone under 18 must otherwise wear a helmet).

The bill mostly follows the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration’s (AAMVA) recommendations for regulating these three-wheeled vehicles. There is legislation at the federal level to define and regulate autocycles, and more than 20 states have passed laws to address autocycles; most have added autocycles to existing motorcycle statutes. Polaris is one of the main manufacturers of these vehicles. (H.F.3014)

Senate DFL Media