Bonding and Minimum Wage Priorities for Sen. Hawj in 2014 Legislative Session

ST. PAUL, MINN. – The 2014 Legislative Session convened on Tuesday with the state in radically better shape than it was a year ago. To help kickoff the start of session, ‘Raise the Wage’ advocates held a rally at the State Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday afternoon urging immediate action to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9.50 an hour. As a strong supporter of increasing the state’s minimum wage, Sen. Foung Hawj (DFL-St. Paul) joined Majority Leader Bakk and several other legislators at the rally.

“I have spoken with community members and business owners throughout my district and the majority of my constituents support raising the minimum wage. Even businesses that sit on the edge between being a small and large business understand the greater good of supporting a minimum wage increase,” said Sen. Hawj.

In addition to minimum wage, Sen. Hawj said passing a bonding bill that includes several projects in his district remains a top priority. Metro State’s bonding request of $35.86 million to build a Science Education Center is one of the largest requests in Sen. Hawj’s district. Other bonding projects in his district include the Hmong-Lao Veterans Memorial, the Lower Phalen Creek Project at the Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, and the Battle Creek Winter Recreation Area.

“Passing a comprehensive bonding bill will be an important part of this legislative session. I have spent time on some of the bonding tours when the Capital Investment Committee visited St. Paul, and I look forward to seeing a final bill that includes funding for some of these projects that will make a big difference in our community,” said Sen. Hawj.

Sen. Hawj welcomes your questions and comments; you can contact him by email at or by calling his office at (651) 296-5285.


Senator Foung Hawj
Foung Hawj represents District 67, which includes the east side of Saint Paul in Ramsey County in the central Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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