Bonding Bill to Create Jobs, Improve Infrastructure

ST. PAUL, Minn. – The Senate bonding bill was released yesterday, proposing approximately $1.165 billion in spending on shovel-ready projects that will create jobs and address critical infrastructure needs, higher education, transportation and public safety.

By focusing on shovel-ready proposals, the Senate bonding bill will create thousands of jobs across the state while also addressing long-term needs. Included in the bonding bill are several projects carried by Senator Jim Metzen (DFL – South St. Paul).

Projects that would receive funding include:

• $1.5 million for the Mighty Ducks grant program: This program provides a start to helping towns across the state to help address the removal of R-22, a gas used to cool rinks that has been banned by the federal government.
• $1 million for the Inver Grove Heights Heritage Village Park: Heritage Village Park would build off the success of a previous bonding request that Sen. Metzen carried for the historic Swing Bridge at the park. This funding would help the Park become even more of a destination for wedding and graduation photos.
• $1 million for the West St. Paul North Urban Regional Trail Bridge: With the completion of this trail system, Hastings to Minneapolis will be connected by trails for pedestrians and bikers. Currently this route goes right through Robert Street, a dangerous situation for bikers and pedestrians. With the building of a pedestrian bridge – as a part of the NURT – this dangerous situation will be addressed.
• $ 3 million for Metropolitan Cities Wastewater Inflow & Infiltration Abatement Grants: These grants allow communities like West St. Paul to repair their sewer pipes to prevent clean water and wastewater spillage in the regional wastewater system. When addressed at the local level, millions of dollars are saved.

“I’m very pleased to see these projects included in the Senate bonding proposal. These are projects that make sense to invest in, and we should be prioritizing them,” said Sen. Metzen. “The great thing about all of these is that they help our local communities fund important projects that they would be unable to pay for without state investment.”

In addition to these projects, the bill includes approximately $7.6 million for Dakota County Technical and Community College (DCTC). The college is currently operating at maximum capacity, with almost 100% job placement after graduation. By expanding the college, even more students will be able to take advantage of these programs and find quick employment.

“When it comes down to it, this is a bill about jobs. Not just the jobs that will start with these projects as they are built and expanded, but down the road as our colleges and universities are able to increase their ability to give students the skills they need to get a good job,” said Sen. Metzen

More information on the Senate bonding proposal including the full spreadsheet outlining every project’s requests, can be found at

For information on this or any legislation, please contact Sen. Jim Metzen at 651-296-4370 or by email at

Senator James Metzen
Sen. Metzen represented District 52, which includes portions of Dakota County in the southeastern Twin Cities metropolitan area. Sen. Metzen passed away shortly after the end of the 2016 Legislative Session.

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