Driver’s license renewal for Peace Corps members

A bill was heard in the Senate Transportation Committee this week to add Peace Corps members to a deadline exception for renewing driver’s licenses. Driver’s licenses must be renewed within one year after expiration, but members of the military are provided an exception if they provide proof of active military service to the Department of […] Read more

County reimbursement for legal costs

A bill was heard in the State Government Committee this week to reimburse Wright, Becker, and Ramsey Counties for legal fees incurred due to a lawsuit by then-State Auditor Rebecca Otto regarding the privatization of audits authorized in the 2015 Omnibus State Government bill. The reimbursement language was included in the vetoed 2017 Omnibus State […] Read more

Judiciary Committee works towards DWI omnibus bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee heard two bills this week that work to improve the state’s DWI laws. The first bill allows law enforcement to use a sticker to invalidate license plates for vehicles that are impounded due to a DWI law violation and makes it a crime to then destroy or damage that sticker; temporary […] Read more

Housing First presents cost study

The Builders Association of the Twin Cities’ Housing First Minnesota presented a report in the Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Finance Committee on the rising costs associated with home construction in Minnesota. The report did not isolate a single factor responsible for the high cost of new homes in Minnesota but instead argued a combination […] Read more

The Family Care and Aging Committee focuses on child care

Several bills relating to child care were heard in the Family Care and Aging Committee this week. These bills come on the tails of legislation offered last session that made several changes to regulations and licensing procedures relating to family child care providers. The state is currently experiencing a decline in available child care that […] Read more

Workforce shortage in disability services causes significant concern

The Health and Human Service Reform Committee took a deep dive this week into workforce issues impacting organizations that provide services to people with disabilities. The Committee heard from several organizations about a severe shortage of available workers that makes it difficult to provide the kind of quality care that helps people with disabilities all […] Read more