Funding for Our Ice Rinks

ST. PAUL, Minn. – State Senator Jim Metzen (DFL-South St. Paul) is continuing his long-time support for the Minnesota’s ice rinks with his bonding proposal for the “Mighty Ducks” grant. The bill (SF2652) would give $8 million in bonds for the Amateur Sports Commission for grants to local communities and expand the maximum grant to $200,000. This money would give local towns and cities financial support for much needed renovations and updates.

“Our ice rinks are an incredible asset to local communities. It’s important we give our kids the chance to skate in rinks that are fully up to date, so they can enjoy everything that a local rink provides,” said Sen. Metzen.

One major provision of this legislation is to remove R-22, an odorless gas used to keep ice cool. R-22 is now known to contribute to ozone depletion, and is a feature of many older rinks built before its effects were known. Now banned in the United States, the gas must be removed by 2020. As many communities lack the money to remove R-22 from ice rinks, Sen. Metzen is pushing for the state to offer this much needed assistance.

“We really need to make this a priority. Our small towns can’t do this alone, even if they wanted to, and when we are talking over 100 rinks across the state, then we really are talking about a statewide issue. This is a smart thing for the state to help with,” said Sen. Metzen

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Senator James Metzen
Sen. Metzen represented District 52, which includes portions of Dakota County in the southeastern Twin Cities metropolitan area. Sen. Metzen passed away shortly after the end of the 2016 Legislative Session.

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