Week Two: Jan. 13, 2017


  • The first full week of the 2017 Legislative Session was all about health insurance premium relief. The Governor’s Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) Commissioner Myron Frans kicked off the week with a punchy press conference calling attention to the Senate and House Republicans health insurance premium relief proposal. Franz called the plan complicated and more importantly, it wouldn’t offer any kind of relief for at least a year.

    Disregarding the Governor’s concerns, both bodies sent their respective health care bills through an expedited committee process; the Senate bill hit three committees in just one day. The bill arrived on the Senate floor on Thursday for a vote. After lengthy discussion and an amendment to replace the GOP bill with the Governor’s version which would provide relief much more quickly, the GOP bill was ultimately passed along party lines.

    The Minnesota Senate also addressed much-needed tax relief this week. The tax conformity bill passed both the House and Senate with strong bipartisan support.

  • This Week In the Senate

    Health Care Premium Relief Bill
    This week the Senate fast-tracked Senate File 1 through four committee hearings and voted on the Senate floor.

    Session’s first day of floor votes provides tax relief for Minnesota families
    The Minnesota Senate provided much-needed tax relief to thousands of Minnesotans with its first day of bill passage in the 2017 Session.

    Defending the DFL’s budget history
    A lot has changed in the past four years. When the DFL took over the majority in 2013, we had to dig out from a budget deficit, and we still owed Minnesota schools nearly $2 billion that was borrowed by Republicans. We steadied the ship.

    Republican transportation proposal falls short
    Senate Republicans included a transportation funding proposal in their top five priorities.

    Regent Candidate Advisory Council forwards 13 names for potential appointment to the U of M Board
    The Regent Candidate Advisory Council met Wednesday through Friday last week to interview Regent candidates for the four open spots on the U of M Board of Regents and made recommendations for 13 applicants to be considered by the Legislature.