Majority budget is unbalanced, harmful

To the editor:

Instead of taking a holistic approach to resolving Minnesota’s deficit, the Senate Majority has offered a partial solution addressing only one-seventh of the state’s shortfall. Their proposal is unbalanced in the sacrifices it asks people to make, targeting Minnesota’s most vulnerable through cuts to property tax relief and health care programs.

Minnesota home and business owners have already seen their property taxes skyrocket in recent years, yet the additional cuts the Majority makes to local government aid would result in at least $322 million in property tax increases. Their renters’credit cut would hurt senior citizens who live on a fixed income and depend on this tax credit to make ends meet.

The Majority also cuts health care safety-net programs that provide services to the elderly, disabled, and children. Experts testified that these cuts could also reduce the counties’ ability to respond to child maltreatment cases in a timely manner–this is simply the wrong place to look for cuts.

I truly hope that Governor Dayton will veto this harmful and unbalanced budget so we can begin to work on a comprehensive and long-term solution.

Again, I invite you to share your opinions with me by taking my legislative survey at or by attending one of my upcoming town hall meetings: Tuesday, February 22 (7pm) and Saturday, February 26 (10am) at the New Brighton Family Service Center.


Barb Goodwin
State Senator

Senator Barb Goodwin
Barb Goodwin represents District 41, which includes portions of Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey counties in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area. She is the vice chair of the Judiciary Committee and Judiciary Budget Division.

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