Senator Foung Hawj

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Hawj Portrait

Senator Foung Hawj was elected in 2012 and represents District 67 in East St. Paul. He was born in Laos during the Vietnam War and lived in refugee camps with his family before coming to the United States.

Sen. Hawj received his B.A. in 1990 in Theatre and File and Computer Science from the University of Kansas. He earned his M.S. in Applied Science and Technology from New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology in 2001.

In 2016, he was selected to be a member of the Subcommittee on Equity, which secured $35 million in ongoing funding to address racial disparities in Minnesota. Sen. Hawj prioritizes foreclosure prevention, protecting the environment, improving education, and strengthening senior health care.

Prior to being elected to the Minnesota Senate, Sen. Hawj worked as a videographer and scriptwriter, producing Hmong environmental videos. He lives at the south end of Lake Phalen and enjoys spending time outside when he is not working.

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    Senator Foung Hawj and TAP members presented SF2631 in the Health and Human Services Committee.

    Often time, our friends, family members and neighbors with varying disabilities are set apart, quarantined, and managed. This prevents us from the possibilities of experiencing each other’s personal quality and our true individual as well as our creative talent for peace and progress.

    TAP creates a welcoming environment with no boundaries for people of all abilities to come together and make lasting friendship through their artistic expressions and more.

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    A beautiful visit from the American Indian Montessori and Hmong Montessori Care Centers. ...

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    I'm honored to receive a recognition from Howling for Wolves. ...

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