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Senator Matt Little was elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2016. He represents Senate District 58, which covers Lakeville, Farmington, a small slice of Northfield and more than a dozen townships and small communities including Empire, Vermillion, New Trier and Douglas.

Matt and his fiancé Coco live in Lakeville, where he was elected Mayor in 2012. He graduated from Parkview Elementary, Rosemount High School, University of Minnesota-Morris, and earned his law degree from the University of Minnesota.After graduating from law school, Matt worked at Sieben Edmunds before opening his own firm in downtown Lakeville called Little Law.

Under his leadership as Mayor, Lakeville has seen an outstanding 9.4 percent job growth, and has led the state in single family home development. Upon being elected, Matt set about creating attractive job growth packages for major businesses looking to expand or move to Lakeville.

Prior to his election as Mayor, Matt was elected to the City Council in 2010. He served on a variety of committees and boards including the Downtown Lakeville Business Association, Public Safety Committee, Municipal Legislative Coalition, and the Economic Development Commission. Throughout his time as Mayor Matt focused on keeping taxes low, public safety, job growth, and reducing long-term debt.

On his approach to work in the Minnesota Senate, Matt says, “I’ve always been a pragmatic policy maker. It’s not about party or labels, it’s about solving problems that matter to people and families.”

When he’s not working, Matt likes to spend time with his fiancé Coco, his family and friends. He enjoys running, reading, basketball, and fishing.

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    Coco and I adopted Phyllis! She is still getting used to the big backyard (which she likes) and her two dog brothers (who she doesn't quite like yet). Happy Friday!! ...

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    Here's the final vote update. Look at a May 25th vote for the other half of the major votes, which I detailed on that day. That included affirmative votes on the tax, agriculture, jobs, and public safety omnibus bills.

    Omnibus E-12 Education Bill. Voted "No." This bill continues shifting the cost of education onto property taxes. There was a 2% increase in funding for the next two years, but that's unlikely to keep up with inflation and does nothing to reduce class sizes. As you can read in last week's paper, Lakeville School District is already considering another levy to keep up. Also, this bill included a controversial change to teacher licensure. I very much support a change in the efficiency and speed of getting a license as well as some non-traditional routes into teaching. But the bill created a financial incentive to hire unlicensed teachers, and I fail to see how that is going to benefit our kids. As a lawyer, if I don't pass the bar, then I don't get to be a lawyer. It can be argued that a teacher's job is even more important than mine in many instances.

    Bonding. Voted "Yes." This bill contained nearly $19 million dollars that will benefit the folks in our district. Orange Line funding at $12,100,000. This will greatly increase bus service available on I-35 going to Minneapolis. It will initially start in Burnsville but will extend to Lakeville in the future. And, reduced drivers on the roads north of us is ALWAYS a good thing! And, it had $6,000,000 in there for the repair and renovation of Byllesby Dam. Had we not secured these funds, it would have put an even higher burden on Lakeville taxpayers and Dakota Electric ratepayers to renovate the Dam. Finally, Dennison is getting their sewer pump at a cost of $726,000. To keep small town Minnesota alive, we are going to need to help with the repairs of vital infrastructure so I'm very pleases the bill I authored made it through.

    Omnibus Transportation Bill. Voted "Yes." Despite a number of concerns with this bill, I ended up voting yes so that we could at least get started in alleviating our transportation issues. This bill does not include any constitutionally dedicated funding so if we are ever in a pinch, my guess is we'll have to stop fixing our roads which is not a long-term plan. On the other hand, it will increase transportation funding to Dakota County which helps all of going forward. Nonetheless, this had slightly more good than bad in it so it got my vote.

    Labor Standards Act (Preemption). Voted "No." I'm an ardent supporter of local control, and this bill would centralized a great deal of power and decision-making into St. Paul when it came to wages and benefits. I believe in a person's right to advocate to their local government. State government should only step in when it is to protect a person's minimum level of benefits and protections, not just when it disagrees with local policy.

    Omnibus State Government Bill. Voted "Yes." This bill was relatively uncontroversial but is the bill that included funding for the Legislature, which was line-item vetoed by Governor Dayton and is now the subject of a lawsuit. (See my post from yesterday).

    Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill. Voted "No." Some good items in here but has a massive structural problem which will arise in a few years. Moreover, this approximately 700 page bill did not come out until day of the vote making it nearly impossible to get through all the provisions. Finally, a totally inadequate response to low-income dental reimbursements. I heard from a number of area dentists at the start of session that we have some of the lowest reimbursement rates in the country, creating a dental service desert for many low income folks. To me, that's not Minnesotan.

    Ok, let me know if you have any questions.

    Matt Little

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