Metro Mobility moving to Lakeville

A bill was heard this week in the Senate Transportation Committee to extend Metro Mobility services to the city of Lakeville through the Met Council transit taxing district. Metro Mobility provides rides to seniors and residents with disabilities throughout the metro area for a small fee to riders. Although the city is already part of the transit taxing district, it cannot provide Metro Mobility service without legislative authorization.

Metro Mobility service is financed through the General Fund and this extension will require an increased appropriation to the Met Council. The fiscal note estimates the cost of extending transit service to Lakeville is just over $1 million annually. This includes the purchase of six additional buses to service the area.

An amendment was offered in committee to include the entire transit taxing district, which brings in Maple Plain, Forest Lake, Ramsey, and Columbus into the list of cities eligible for Metro Mobility service. It has yet to be determined how much it will cost to extend bus lines to all of these communities. (S.F. 65)