MNsure legislation heads to Commerce

Legislation to transform MNsure into a state agency passed out of the Health, Human Services, and Housing Committee and now is on its way to the Commerce Committee. The legislation was crafted after complaints from citizens and legislators regarding oversight, technical glitches, and ease of accessing coverage. According to the legislation, MNsure would now be headed by a commissioner, appointed by the governor, and would be held accountable to the executive and legislative branches. The move from a public-private governance structure to a state agency will allow MNsure to better serve its customers, as well as provide greater oversight of the health exchange. A recent report from the Office of the Legislative Auditor was critical of MNsure’s rollout and outlined four main recommendations to improve the health exchange; this bill addresses three of those recommendations. To date, MNsure has played a substantial role in providing the uninsured with affordable options, and has contributed to the lowest uninsured rate in the state’s history. (S.F. 139)

Senate DFL Media