NCAA bill may be irrelevant

The Republican-sponsored bill to protect student athletes may be irrelevant as the NCAA works to change its policies on athlete compensation. The bill was amended to push off any legislative changes based on potential NCAA policy changes by 2021.

The bill is a result of a California bill passed in 2019 that would allow college student athletes to be compensated for the use of their likeness, name, or image. Because the NCAA board voted to consider these changes last October, the bill may not be necessary. It will be discussed further in the Higher Education Committee later in the session. Other states have also proposed legislation.

A provision to set up a working group to study community college athletes, who are not governed by the NCAA, was deleted, and a representative from the University of Minnesota testified that likely more changes will come from the NCAA in April, June, and October this year. A final decision could be made in April 2021. (SF2995)