Project in Depth: Corridors of Commerce


“Highway 2 connects the two largest cities in my district, and I am well aware of its needs. I’d like to thank the Corridors for Commerce program for granting this project up to $10 million to make this passage safer and more efficient for the many people who use it every day” 

– Senator Tom Saxhuag (DFL – Grand Rapids)



“We have all experienced the unsafe conditions on Highway 23. I would like to thank the Corridors for Commerce program for helping create a more safe and robust transportation route for everyone – families, farmers, small businesses and our state’s largest employers” 

– Senator Lyle Koenen (DFL- Clara City)



“These small, rural roads like Highway 34 begin to pose a problem as the number of passenger cars and heavy freight users increase. Building passing lanes will help make using this road much safer.” 

– Senator Rod Skoe (DFL – Clearbrook)




“Improving the Rice Street and I-694 interchange has been on the minds of planners since the mid-1990s. Along this two mile segment of I-694 there are over 37,000 jobs; this important investment will help remove transportation barriers to commerce in the northern metro.” 

– Senator Bev Scalze (DFL – Little Canda)

  • “Why Corridors of Commerce?”

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