Republican tax bill puts corporate giveaways ahead of middle-class families

Earlier today the Senate Committee on Taxes approved the Republican omnibus tax bill. Sen. John Marty, DFL-Roseville, released the following statement:

“It’s disappointing that once again Senate Republicans are choosing to throw millions of dollars at corporate interests while ignoring the serious deficit facing our state.

This short-sighted legislation would phase out state business property taxes, taking away even more of the state money needed to pay back our schools for the money borrowed from them. Equally troubling, it does little to help middle-class families that have seen their property taxes skyrocket over the past decade.

Corporations are the real winners, not taxpayers. Multi-national corporations get tax breaks under this bill, not homeowners and renters.

Politicians love to talk about tax cuts, but look at their priorities. Rather than bringing back the Homestead Credit that Republicans eliminated last year or passing the “Jobs Now Tax Credit” to reward Minnesota businesses that create new jobs, this bill recklessly digs the state deeper into debt, takes more money from our schools, and gives away tax breaks to corporations.”


Senator John Marty
John Marty represents Roseville, Lauderdale, Falcon Heights and northern St. Paul.

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