Commerce bills that did not pass

Bills to drive down healthcare costs in rural Minnesota See Rural Initiatives Gun-shaped cell phone cases A new cell phone case shaped like a handgun has received a highly-critical reception from legislators and police officers. Marketed toward youth, the case has a protruding and realistic handgun grip which can confuse both passersby and law enforcement. […] Read more

Veterans brokers examination licensing experience waiver requirement

Under existing law, if a real estate broker’s license expires while they are on active duty military service, they have a six-month grace period in which to renew their license upon returning home. Transitioning back into civilian life can prove to be challenging for many returning veterans, though, and some struggle to complete the renewal […] Read more

Life insurance reserves modification

Life insurers set aside reserves (capital) in order to ensure that they are able to pay future claims. The existing system insurers use to calculate reserves has been in place since the Civil War, and some insurance companies and regulators argue that the reserve requirements need to change in order to account for the development […] Read more

Unfair motor vehicle distribution

When motor vehicle manufacturers sell their cars internationally, they price the cars sold in those countries differently than they do cars sold in the United States. The prices can be significantly higher in other countries: sometimes double or triple the domestic cost of a vehicle. To circumvent the higher prices, there are cases of international […] Read more

Patent trolls

Patent assertion entities (PAEs) who deceptively target small businesses will soon face legal action. The bill gives the Attorney General authority to pursue civil action against PAEs – commonly called patent trolls – who make bad faith claims against someone on a patent infringement. Patent trolls are sending threatening letters to small businesses in efforts […] Read more

Consumer protections against debt settlement scams

The Senate passed a bill to close a loophole that allows tax debt settlement providers to operate under different rules than other debt settlement providers. Previous lawmaking from 2009 established rules of the road for credit card, medical, and other consumer debt settlement. However, a gap currently exists that keeps the law from addressing tax […] Read more