Economic development and jobs bills that did not pass

Paid Family Leave The Paid Family Leave proposal provides partial wage replacement for leaves due to pregnancy, bonding with a new baby, or caring for a seriously ill family member. The program creates a new insurance-like system that would be administered by the state. Equal contributions from employers and employees are required to fund the […] Read more

Creation of Workforce Development Board

In an effort to promote greater job creation in Greater Minnesota, Senate committees have approved a bill that creates a workforce development board operated by the Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). The bill also includes several policy changes aimed at easing restrictions on businesses who can participate in DEED’s Greater Minnesota Job Expansion […] Read more

Unemployment insurance tax cut

A proposal that would cap the amount of money in the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund at 4% or more above the average high cost multiple (AHCM) was signed into law. The federal Department of Labor evaluates the state’s unemployment system by measuring it relative to the AHCM. By this measure, a state can determine […] Read more

Economic development and jobs budget

This session, the legislature built on past investments that prioritized workforce development, affordable housing, and Minnesota tourism. The negotiated bill includes specific investments that will help businesses thrive, foster skills development for people having difficulty finding employment, and enhance programs that help businesses succeed throughout the state. The comprised language between the House and Senate […] Read more