City Council Could Appoint College Student Members

College students could be appointed as non-voting members of Minnesota city councils under terms of legislation introduced Monday by Sen. Kathy Sheran. Under the initial proposal, city councils in communities with higher education institutions would be allowed the appointing power; however no city is required to participate. “This legislation offers cities authority to allow for […] Read more

Sen. Latz Applauds Governor’s Work on Affordable Health Care

Sen. Ron Latz applauded Governor Mark Dayton’s quick response to expand health care options to Minnesotans and in making Minnesota government more efficient. “This is exactly what Governor Dayton promised he would do: we’re making health care more affordable and government more efficient,” Sen. Latz said. “In this economy, this is the right thing to […] Read more

Sen. Reinert Named to Legislative Audit Commission

Sen. Roger Reinert has been appointed to serve on the Legislative Audit Commission. At the first meeting of the newly appointed Commission on Friday, Sen. Reinert was elected to serve as the Commission’s vice-chairman. Sen. Reinert’s appointment was made by DFL Caucus Leader Sen. Tom Bakk. “I welcome the opportunity to work in a non-partisan […] Read more

Skoe appointed to Natural Resources Committee

Although the 2011 legislative session already started, a few committee details still are being finalized. At least one committee – the Environment and Natural Resources committee – had a vacant post and this week, I was very pleased to learn I will be filling that spot. It will be my first time serving on the […] Read more

Sen. Reinert Re-Introduces Great Lakes Aquarium Transfer Bill

Senator Roger Reinert introduced legislation this week to transfer ownership of the Great Lakes Aquarium from the City of Duluth to the University of Minnesota Duluth. This is identical to the legislation he introduced as a House member in 2009. “I continue to believe that this is a win-win for all of us in the […] Read more

Cutting state workforce will not improve government efficiency

A bill introduced to the Legislature this week would require Minnesota to reduce its state employee workforce by 15 percent by 2015, reducing the state’s workforce by 5,000 jobs. State Sen. Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, said the legislation would be disastrous for Minnesota’s economy. “Just a week after unveiling a plan to give tax breaks […] Read more