Budget deadline quickly approaching

This week will mark six weeks before the legislature and the Governor must agree on a budget deal to complete the legislative session by May 23, the constitutional deadline. One of those weeks will be reserved for observation of Easter and Passover, which really leaves five weeks to complete our work. The Senate and House […] Read more

Republican budget chips away at Minnesota forests

As Minnesotans start making plans for summer vacations, it’s inevitable that many of those plans will include visits to our state’s wooded northlands. Minnesota’s forests are one of our state’s longest-held treasures and for years, state lawmakers and private citizens have worked together to make sure these treasured resources remain for future generations. The fact […] Read more

Accountability, openness are keys to government success

Accountability and openness are key aspects to a good government. One way our state government achieves this transparency is by publicly evaluating our programs, services, and government entities to ensure they are a true benefit to the state. The entity that conducts these evaluations is the Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor (OLA). The OLA […] Read more

Sens. Dahms, Sheran Support Rural Transit

Sen. Kathy Sheran, DFL-Mankato, successfully amended a transportation funding bill that saved Greater Minnesota from a transit funding cut of 25 percent. The proposed $8 million cut would have meant the loss of 101,000 transit service hours in Greater Minnesota, equivalent to the complete loss of transit service in East Grand Forks, Granite Falls, Hibbing, […] Read more

Senate GOP Health Care Cuts Hit Seniors, Disabled, Vulnerable Kids

Senate Republicans approved a bill this week that makes deep cuts to the state’s health care safety net, jeopardizing care for more than 100,000 Minnesotans and slashing funding for the state’s nursing homes and in-home care programs. These cuts are terrible; funding is slashed for child care, disability services, and programs for the mentally ill, […] Read more

Partisan politics once again block anti-bullying legislation

State Senator Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, expressed disappointment that for the third time, an attempt to add strong anti-bullying language to Minnesota law was blocked by political rhetoric Thursday. Senator Dibble attempted to amend a K-12 education budget bill to include a provision protecting students in Minnesota schools. “While we were debating and modifying the Senate’s […] Read more