Investing in training and education provides a strong workforce

A report recently released by the Governor’s Workforce Development Council, “All Hands on Deck,” estimates that by 2018, 70 percent of jobs in Minnesota will require education beyond high school. State Sen. Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, noted that now more than ever we need to invest in education to provide our state with a strong […] Read more

Town Hall Meeting

Abraham Lincoln once said, “What I want is to get done what the people desire to have done, and the question for me is how to find that out exactly.” What was true then, is still true today; our government is only as good as its ability to connect with the people. Luckily, getting connected […] Read more

Cutting Corporate Taxes Does Not Help Small Businesses

Minnesota Senate Republican’s first bill provides a big cut to corporations and reduces corporate property taxes to 2009 levels. In light of our $6.2 billion budget deficit, we just cannot afford providing big tax cuts to corporations. Helping large corporations with tax cuts will add at least $200 million to the state’s budget deficit. We […] Read more

Senate DFL Caucus Leader Tom Bakk responds to GOP budget cut proposal

“Minnesota is facing a serious budget challenge, and all sides agree that we will need to make significant spending reductions in the months ahead to bring the state’s budget into balance. Our caucus will be taking a close look at the cuts proposed today by legislative Republican leaders, but will reserve final judgment until they […] Read more

Budget, jobs will be priority of 2011 session

Two weeks into the 2011 legislative session, it is very clear what this year’s focus will be. Every discussion thus far has centered mostly around two topics: The state’s massive budget deficit, and our ability to create new jobs and business in Minnesota. The state’s budget deficit is serious. At $6.2 billion, it accounts for […] Read more

Sen. John Marty Statement on S.F. 60

“When Republican legislators introduced S.F. 60 to begin addressing the $6 billion budget deficit, they proposed over $100 million in tax increases on renters, and cuts in local government aid that will lead to at least $300 million in property tax increases. Despite their rhetoric about “no new taxes”, these are very real tax increases. […] Read more