Sieben Supports Repeal of School Borrowing Law

Sen. Katie Sieben voiced her support for legislation that would repeal a state law allowing the state to borrow money from school districts to meet state cash flow needs. A similar bill was introduced and passed in the state Senate last year, with Sen. Sieben’s support. “This provision hurts our school districts,” Sen. Sieben said. […] Read more

Sieben bill funds Newport flood mitigation

State Sen. Katie Sieben, DFL-Cottage Grove, has introduced legislation to help the City of Newport purchase fifteen properties along the temporary levee. Her bill, S.F. 453, provides $3.2 million in bonds to the City to help with this flood mitigation effort. “This emergency levee was built in 1969 by the Army Corps of Engineers to […] Read more

Letter From Senator Bakk to Senate Majority Leader Koch

I read the “no tax” pledge your caucus sent to Governor Dayton this afternoon. I question the wisdom in staking out such a narrowly-focused position this early in the budget process, a position which unilaterally eliminates new revenue as a source for balancing the state budget and seems to limit your caucus’ ability to compromise […] Read more

Several area road, bridges scheduled for improvements

This month, I met with officials from the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s District 6 office to get an update on some area road and bridge projects. Many of these routes are in serious disrepair, and I’m often asked what’s being done about these problems at the state level. Thanks to a combination of federal funds, […] Read more

Transportation Priorities

As the Metro area continues to expand and more Minnesotans rely on daily travel for work, school, shopping and entertainment, the transit system needs to improve and expand with it. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) has reported that by 2030 the metro region is expected to be home to nearly one million more people […] Read more

Sen. Rest appointed to Capitol Area Architectural & Planning Board

Senator Ann H. Rest (DFL-New Hope) was recently appointed to the Capitol Area Architectural & Planning Board (CAAPB) by Governor Mark Dayton. As a member of the CAAPB, Sen. Rest will work to preserve and enhance the dignity, beauty and architectural integrity of the Capitol and surrounding area. The CAAPB is comprised of twelve members […] Read more