Sen. Skoe stands up for property tax relief

Governor Mark Dayton presented his State of the State address this week and stressed the need for the legislature and governor to put aside politics and work together on a responsible solution to the state’s $6.2 billion budget deficit. In his terms – and I agree with the governor – “responsible” means a solution that […] Read more

Senate DFL votes against $428 million property tax increase bill

Senate Democrats today voted against a bill that would increase property taxes by $428 million, raise tuition at the state’s colleges and universities, cut funding to child protection, and jeopardize public safety and veterans programs. The so-called “Phase One” budget bill (House File 130) was approved with unanimous Republican support, and will now head to […] Read more

Majority budget is unbalanced, harmful

To the editor: Instead of taking a holistic approach to resolving Minnesota’s deficit, the Senate Majority has offered a partial solution addressing only one-seventh of the state’s shortfall. Their proposal is unbalanced in the sacrifices it asks people to make, targeting Minnesota’s most vulnerable through cuts to property tax relief and health care programs. Minnesota […] Read more

Legislators Voice Concern over Report’s “Editing”

Senator Kathy Sheran and Representative Terry Morrow today voiced their concern over a critical sex offender program report requested by the Legislature that was edited by high-ranking Pawlenty appointee, Cal Ludeman prior to its release. “Last session, legislators asked the Pawlenty administration for a report on the state’s sex offender program and possible cost containment […] Read more

Investing in our education system

Many of the conversations at the State Capitol this session surround the state’s economy and what the Legislature can do to move Minnesota towards prosperity. Much of the time, the discussions focus on the Governor’s capital investment bill and a variety of bills focused on helping Minnesota’s job creators. Another topic we need to discuss, […] Read more

Sen. Sparks says no to property tax, tuition hikes

State Senator Dan Sparks, DFL-Austin, said he is proud to be among 27 Minnesota Senate Democrats who stood up against a $322 million property tax increases on all Minnesotans today. Regarding House File 130, which passed the Senate 37-27 on a party-line vote Thursday, Sen. Sparks said: “This legislation has gotten a lot of attention […] Read more