Clock is ticking on budget negotiations

Every two years, the state legislature is required to prepare a budget for Minnesota to operate under for the following two-year cycle. Each time this exercise occurs, certain things must happen: The Governor first presents his budget proposal, usually in early February. Then, the majority parties in the House and Senate come up with their […] Read more

Republican Budget Bills Hurt Middle Class

With four weeks left in the 2011 Legislative Session, there has been little progress in the overall budget from Republican leadership. The Republican-led House and Senate approved nine budget bills as well as a tax bill. These bills have been sitting in conference committees for several weeks with no action. This legislation will have devastating […] Read more

Time running out to complete state budget

The legislature has reached the final days of the 2011 session. By May 23 – less than three weeks from now – we have to agree with the Governor on a budget under which the state will operate for the next two years. Right now, we have $5 billion less in the state’s coffers than […] Read more

Sen. Bakk: GOP breaking promise to stay ‘laser focused’ on budget

Below is a statement from Senate DFL Caucus leader Tom Bakk: “Back in December, before the Legislative Session began, the new Republican majority made a promise to Minnesotans: they would maintain a “laser focus” on fixing the state’s budget deficit. In February, the line from Republican leaders was that they’d “focus very specifically and almost […] Read more

Sen. Sieben: Photo ID is Major Voting Roadblock

Earlier today, Republicans in the Minnesota Senate approved legislation that will provide a major roadblock to voting for the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who currently do not have photo identification. S.F. 509 requires all Minnesotans to show a photo ID when voting, creating major obstacles to voting for 144,000 Minnesotans who are eligible to […] Read more

Tyler’s Law

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the number one cause of accidental poisoning in the United State’s. With the proper knowledge of the dangers surrounding carbon monoxide, this danger is 100 percent preventable. Unfortunately, we are not doing an adequate job of informing the public of carbon monoxide safety. On December 2, 2010, a family from our […] Read more