Sen. Bakk statement on Governor’s budget proposal

The following is a statement from Senate DFL Caucus Leader Tom Bakk on the Governor’s budget proposal: “A little more than a decade ago, while our state and nation were enjoying one of the greatest economic booms the world had ever seen, leaders in St. Paul passed a series of sweeping, permanent tax cuts totaling […] Read more

Sen. Stumpf votes to protect property tax payers

This week, the Minnesota Senate voted on the first budget bill of the legislative session. The new Republican majority in the Senate said they wanted to bring forward an early budget reduction bill that would start chipping away at the state’s $6.2 billion deficit. Initially, I was glad to see an early focus on the […] Read more

Sen. Reinert Defends Veterans’ Services in Budget Cut Bill

Today freshman Senator Roger Reinert dedicated his first floor speech in the Minnesota Senate to the defense of veterans’ services. The Republican budget cut bill (HF130) conference committee report was debated on the Senate floor before being passed 37 to 28. During that debate, Senator Reinert moved that the bill be sent back to conference […] Read more

Sen. Skoe stands up for property tax relief

Governor Mark Dayton presented his State of the State address this week and stressed the need for the legislature and governor to put aside politics and work together on a responsible solution to the state’s $6.2 billion budget deficit. In his terms – and I agree with the governor – “responsible” means a solution that […] Read more

Majority budget is unbalanced, harmful

To the editor: Instead of taking a holistic approach to resolving Minnesota’s deficit, the Senate Majority has offered a partial solution addressing only one-seventh of the state’s shortfall. Their proposal is unbalanced in the sacrifices it asks people to make, targeting Minnesota’s most vulnerable through cuts to property tax relief and health care programs. Minnesota […] Read more

Senate DFL votes against $428 million property tax increase bill

Senate Democrats today voted against a bill that would increase property taxes by $428 million, raise tuition at the state’s colleges and universities, cut funding to child protection, and jeopardize public safety and veterans programs. The so-called “Phase One” budget bill (House File 130) was approved with unanimous Republican support, and will now head to […] Read more