Report: Minnesota’s economic success depends on workforce development

Recently, the Governor’s Workforce Development Council released their 2011 policy advisory document. In their report, “All Hands on Deck,” they conclude that the key to Minnesota’s economic competitiveness is an educated, highly skilled workforce. The Council was established in 1998 and includes representation from many sectors of Minnesota, including business and industry, local government, education, […] Read more

Budget, job creation will be priority of 2011 legislative session

The 2011 legislative session began Jan. 4 and already, it’s clear what the top priorities of the session will be: Solving the state’s budget deficit and creating new jobs. The budget deficit is serious. At $6.2 billion, it’s more than one-fifth of the state’s total budget that is unaccounted for, and this year, the one-time […] Read more

Sen. Reinert to Introduce Tax Reciprocity Study Legislation

Senator Roger Reinert announced he will re-introduce a bill in the Minnesota Senate to study the affect of tax reciprocity with the state of Wisconsin. Sen. Reinert introduced similar legislation last year in the Minnesota House; the legislation was included in the House version of the omnibus tax bill. Sen. Reinert’s announcement comes the day […] Read more

Senator Stumpf welcomes willingness to streamline government rules

This week, Northwest Minnesota was lucky enough to be the site of Governor Mark Dayton’s first statewide visit as chief executive. I was honored for the opportunity to show him several communities in our region that have a lot to offer the state but, unfortunately, are too often forgotten. The fact that Gov. Dayton made […] Read more

A strong workforce equals a strong state

The key to Minnesota’s economic competitiveness, both nationwide and worldwide, is an educated, highly skilled workforce. It is estimated that by 2018, 70 percent of jobs in Minnesota will require education beyond high school. Minnesota is currently ranked third in the nation for the percentage of 25 to 34 year olds that have earned an […] Read more

Latz Named DFL Lead on the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee

State Senator Ron Latz has been designated by his Senate DFL Caucus colleagues as the lead DFL member on the Senate’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee. Sen. Latz was re-elected to represent Senate District 44 on November 2. He served two terms in the Minnesota House, representing District 44A. “The Judiciary and Public Safety Committee […] Read more