Local Legislators to Host Health Care Town Hall Saturday

State Sen. Kathy Sheran will host a Health Care Town Hall meeting along with Rep. Terry Morrow and Rep. Kathy Brynaert on Saturday, April 30 at South Central College in North Mankato. The focus of the meeting will be on health care issues and will include a discussion about legislative proposals under consideration at the […] Read more

Tyler’s Law

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the number one cause of accidental poisoning in the United State’s. With the proper knowledge of the dangers surrounding carbon monoxide, this danger is 100 percent preventable. Unfortunately, we are not doing an adequate job of informing the public of carbon monoxide safety. On December 2, 2010, a family from our […] Read more

Sen. Chuck Wiger: Let’s Get On With the Work of the Session

Sen. Wiger released the following statement: “Earlier today legislative leaders and Education Committee members heard a presentation from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While I respect the former Governor, I must respectfully disagree that his Florida education proposals will work in Minnesota, and ask that our GOP legislative leaders get to work to pass an […] Read more

Sen. Bakk: Constitutional amendment just the latest distraction from the GOP

Below is a statement from Senate DFL Caucus Leader Tom Bakk regarding the proposed gay marriage constitutional amendment: “With just a few short weeks left before the budget deadline, Republican leaders are spending their time pushing their divisive social agenda rather than doing the hard work of passing a balanced budget plan. Today’s announcement is […] Read more

Sen. Dibble: Amendment bad for Minnesota, bad for economy

State Senator Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, said today’s announcement that Republican lawmakers plan to introduce a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage is an ill-timed distraction that does nothing to address the top three priorities of this year’s legislative session: Solving the $5 billion budget deficit, creating jobs and spurring the state’s economy. “It’s disturbing that […] Read more

Autism Spectrum Disorder Task Force

A recent report on autism prevalence among eight year olds in public schools shows that Minnesota has the highest rate of autism in the United States (Graphing IDEA Professional). The average rate in our country is one in every 126 eight year olds, but in Minnesota, the rate increases to one in every 65. Considering […] Read more