Task Force to Strengthen Minnesota’s No-Fault Insurance Policy

Legislation was heard in the Rules Committee to form a task force to examine issues with Minnesota’s no-fault auto insurance system. The task force would have 19 members comprised of representatives from insurance companies, the medical field, elected officials, the Commissioner of Commerce, and other relevant stakeholders. Four issues related to no-fault auto insurance would […] Read more

An Earlier Primary Election

Minnesota has long prided itself on turnout during elections. However, the state has seen its share of voter turnout go down recently. One proposal to boost turnout, which was given an informational hearing on Thursday in the Rules Committee, is to change the date of the state primary from August. The new primary date would […] Read more

Overseas Voting Bill to be Included in Omnibus Elections Bill

Legislation that modifies military and overseas voting for military personnel and persons with indefinite residence outside the U.S. was heard in the Rules and Administration Committee this week. The bill allows National Guard members called to service by the state to use the same special procedures for voting as when they are called to service […] Read more

Voting Rights Legislation Nears Final Approval

The bipartisan “Restore the Vote” felony voting legislation was recommended to pass by the Rules Committee to the Floor this week. This legislation would allow citizens convicted of a felony to vote after they are released from jail, rather than the date they complete parole or supervised release, which can be many years. Studies show […] Read more

Restore the Vote

Bipartisan legislation was heard in the Rules and Administration Elections Subcommittee this week to allow Minnesotans who are on parole or probation to vote. Current Minnesota policy disenfranchises more than 47,000 citizens who are living in our communities and paying taxes; they are unable to vote due to a felony conviction on their record. This legislation […] Read more