Senator Ron Latz Responds to False Attacks on SWLRT

GOP killed road and bridge funding across the state because they wouldn’t let metro counties pay for its own transit. The South West Light Rail Transit (SWLRT) project has been subjected to willful disinformation by those who oppose transit categorically. The false arguments about the legislative process allow Republicans to obscure the truth and their […] Read more

Transportation bills that did not pass

Compromise fails to develop for comprehensive transportation bill In 2015, the Senate DFL passed a comprehensive, long-term transportation funding bill that would meet the needs of Minnesota’s transportation network. It would raise significant new revenue that would be dedicated for our roads and bridges, and include new funding for our transit network in the metro […] Read more

Weight limit credit for natural gas trucks

This bill creates an exception to weight restrictions for compressed natural gas trucks, and follows federal changes that were part of the FAST Act. The weight increase is the difference between the tank and the fueling system compared to a similar diesel fueling system, maxed out at 2,000 pounds. (H.F. 3588)

Temporary right of way bill

The bill makes changes and provides clarity to the process of adding manure to land adjacent to roadways and addresses unintended consequences of previous legislation that was changed in the Omnibus “Lights On” Transportation Bill in 2015. The manure application process usually involves placing high pressure hoses on a road’s right-of-way. Current practice has the […] Read more