Real ID part one

The full Senate passed legislation that repealed the ban on studying Real ID. Real ID is a set of standards created by the federal government in regards to identification cards and driver licenses. Minnesota was one of a handful of… Read More »Real ID part one

Dibble responds to Dayton’s call for sustainable transportation funding

The Governor’s indication today that he will not support anything less than a sufficient transportation funding package that serves all Minnesotans is good news. A comprehensive bill that makes sure everyone has access to opportunities, regardless of the circumstances of their lives, is vital. The Senate, House, and Governor seem to agree on the need for long-term transportation funding and I am eager to work toward a solution in conference committee.

Transportation Funding Focuses on Safety and Preparedness

The Senate Transportation Budget article passed on Thursday makes a commitment to public safety and opens the door to long-term, sustainable transportation funding for Minnesota. The initiatives in the bill work to make Minnesotans safer from trains carrying hazardous substances, and supports the state’s first responders in emergency preparedness. The new funding also provides a critical investment for the State Patrol so they can continue to train the best law enforcement professionals in the state.