Republican tax bill leaves out too many

Senate Republicans released a tax bill this week that raises more than $600 million for the next budget but spends much of it on corporate tax relief and leaves little for average Minnesota families. The main piece of the bill – and the one everyone agrees is a top priority this year – is tax […] Read more

State Government omnibus heard on Senate floor

The state government omnibus bill spends a total of $1.08 billion in 2020-2021. This is a $15 million reduction over the base and $90 million under the governor’s recommendation for $1.17 billion. Many state agencies receive between a 5 and 18% cut to their operating budgets, including the Attorney General, the State Auditor, the Department […] Read more

Judiciary and Public Safety bill falls short of keeping Minnesotans safe

The Senate Republicans’ Judiciary and Public Safety budget bill falls far short of keeping Minnesotans, corrections officers, or incarcerated people safe and adequately funding the state’s judicial branch. The bill only has a $25 million target, which meant there is almost no new funding to be found to provide for safety or additional security personnel […] Read more

Bill continues funding cuts to higher education and student support

Legislation passed this week in the Senate continues the decline of investments in Minnesota’s higher education system and post-secondary students. Higher education funding has been short-changed since Republicans took control of the Legislature in 2017. The Senate’s supplemental budget target for higher education last session was $0 with $1 million re-appropriated from another program. The […] Read more

Senate agriculture and housing finance bill passes

The Senate agriculture and housing finance bill passed this week on a 43-24 vote. The Senate bill contains important investments in rural mental health supports for farmers and other agricultural related workers. Additionally, the Senate proposal appropriated $30 million for Border-to-Border Broadband grants. Unfortunately, the bill cuts important proven housing programs and shifts money to […] Read more

Making Minnesota safer for the LGBTQ community

OutFront MN, an LGBTQ lobbying group, held a rally this week on the south steps of the Capitol, where legislators, advocates, and other members of Minnesota’s LGBTQ community spoke out against conversion therapy and other forms of discrimination in the community. The group wants to raise awareness of issues the community faces and help create […] Read more